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    If You Want It Done Right, Call Aaron Albright!

    Your satisfaction and happiness are heavily weighted in our selling process. I understand how hectic it is to sell a house and it can be difficult if it’s not handled properly. To help you through the entire process, we've put together five simple steps to get you feeling more comfortable about moving forward:

    Step 1: Decide to Sell

    When you sell, you want to get as much value as you can for your home. So you might want to consider the timing of the sale because it definitely has an effect on the value. You don’t want to sell when it’s a “buyer’s market,” when too many homes are for sale and there are not enough buyers. Seasonality is something to consider as well because typically more homes are sold in the spring rather than the winter.

    You can also increase the value by enhancing the appeal of your house. There are various ways to do this and it all depends on the amount of monetary resources available. You can renovate your house by remodelling an area or just freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint.

    Even just keeping your front lawn tidy can make a big difference. Buyers love seeing green grass and flowers outside because it feels more warm and inviting to them.

    Home inspections are also something that you can do to prove the value of your home. Buyers will usually ask for a home inspection, so if you do it ahead of time it will definitely impress them. It also gives you a chance to prevent unpleasant surprises and make any major repairs.

    Now you’re ready for the for sale sign! 

    Step 2: Hire an Agent

    There are thousands of real estate agents, so how do you chose one that’s right for you?

    You have to pick carefully. They will be acting as your representative and you will need someone to look out for your best interests. You will need someone that you can trust and someone who understands what you want.

    There are a few ways to look for your perfect Realtor:

    • Jot down some names and numbers that you find on “For Sale” signs
    • Ask friends and family for a recommendation
    • Visit one of the local offices in your area
    • Ignore the above..... You've just found the solution to all your real estate challenges!

    They have to be a trained professional who knows your area inside out. A great agent is someone who offers you quality services to help you accomplish your goal.

    Step 3: List your Home

    Now that you’ve found the perfect real estate agent, they will list your home. First they will value your house and set a price. A report on market data will be complied to properly value your home based on the prices in your area.

    Once they’ve done that the agent will market your home through various media outlets and listing sites to create strong buyer interest. They can post on Multiple Listing Service (MLS), social media, blogs, and websites.

    There will be open house appointments as well to showcase the potential of your home to various individuals. At this point, Realtors may also suggest to stage the home to help these individuals imagine themselves living in your house.

    Step 4: Receive an Offer

    Not all offers are equal and that’s where your real estate agent comes in. They will help you get to know the terms and conditions regarding the price that the buyer wants to pay, financing conditions, or other things like inclusions and exclusions that the buyer wants to make.

    Not only is it about the price of the home, but you have to carefully look at the other details included in the sale. Appliances, chandeliers, or even minor renovations can also be part of the deal. Shorter or longer closing dates can also be specified by the buyer.

    If there is something in the offer that doesn’t satisfy you, counter offers or negotiations can also be presented to help get you what you want.

    Step 5: Close the Sale

    There will be closing costs associated with the sale that need to be paid either by or on the closing date. It can include mortgage application fees, inspections, and legal fees. But once that’s taken care of and coordinated as a part of my services, you can pass your old keys to the new owners. Congrats!

    You’ve officially sold your house!

    Home Evaluation

    Nicole & Jay DeHaan-Condo Sellers

    Jan 4th, 2024

    My wife and I recently had the pleasure of working with Aaron Albright for the sale of our condo in Pickering, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. Aaron's dedication, expertise, and willingness to go above and beyond truly set him apart as an outstanding realtor.
    From our initial consultation, Aaron demonstrated a deep understanding of the local real estate market and a clear plan for optimizing the sale of our condo. What truly impressed us, however, was his commitment to ensuring that our property was in the best possible condition before hitting the market. Not only did Aaron provide invaluable advice on staging and presentation, but he also took it upon himself to help with painting and minor repairs to enhance the overall appeal of our condo. This level of dedication was far beyond our expectations and made a significant impact on the outcome.
    Throughout the entire process, Aaron's communication skills were exceptional. He kept us informed at every step, promptly answering our questions, and addressing any concerns we had. His transparency and honesty fostered a sense of trust that made us feel confident in every decision we made together.
    When it came to negotiations, Aaron's strategic approach and market knowledge were evident. He skillfully navigated the complex process, ensuring that we received the best possible offers for our property. Thanks to his efforts, we were able to secure a deal that exceeded our expectations.
    Aaron's commitment didn't stop once the sale was finalized. He continued to provide guidance and support all the way through the closing process, ensuring a smooth transition for us.
    In conclusion, we can't speak highly enough of Aaron Albright's services as a realtor. His dedication, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile truly make him stand out in the industry. If you're looking for a realtor who will not only help you sell your property but also make sure it's presented in the best possible light, Aaron is the one to choose. Selling a property can be a stressful experience, but with Aaron's expertise and personal touch, it turned into a seamless and rewarding journey. Thank you, Aaron, for your exceptional work!  Nicole & Jay-Condo Sellers

    JDJason De Haan

    Craig & Carol-Lakefront Buyers

    Nov 21st, 2019

    I can't say enough about how fantastic Aaron was during our search for our cottage home!! He took to heart our concerns, our dreams and our determination to find the perfect place for us. Aaron spent hours researching different lakes, and the ins and outs of different areas so that we were very knowledgeable in making our final decision.
    We are SO happy with our new property, and have Aaron to thank for being so patient , trustworthy and just as determined to find the perfect place for us!!
    I've never met a realtor who cared as much as Aaron does about his client's happiness...Thanks again Aaron!! ~Craig and Carol

    CBCraig Baxter

    Lisa & George MacGregor-Home Sellers

    Jan 27th, 2022

    Aaron was honest, helpful and very knowledgeable. He walked us through the process (first time selling for both of us) in a very clear and concise manner. His staging and relocation program were exceptional! We highly recommend Aaron as an agent! ~Lisa & George

    LMLisa George MacGregor

    Clarington Bungalows


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